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Book Rating 4. Remove From Cart. Duration: 5 hours 0 minutes. Similar Titles. Anakin is able to stop it before it does, though narrowly avoiding poison gas emitted from the chair.

Legendary Adventures: Labyrinth of Evil – Mynock Manor

After stopping it though a recording of a conversation between Gunray and Sidious appears. They are delayed however by Sate Pestage. The Loyalist Committee members are finally granted their meeting with Palpatine who despite their insistence that the tide of the war is turning refuses to withdraw certain security measures that have been put into effect on Coruscant. Obi-Wan reflects again how Anakin would have fared had Qui-Gon survived and been his master but is saved from his musings by Yoda and the Intelligence captain. They have found something on the chair that could begin the Jedi's search: engravings by a Xi Charrian who signed his name on the chair.

Aboard the Invisible Hand Grievous watches as Nute Gunray's ship exits hyperspace, followed closely by Republic starfighters.

He destroys part of Gunray's droid fighter escort as a punishment and considers letting the Republic troops achieve their kill. However he decides that Dooku and Sidious would be too upset with him were he to allow Gunray to die and thus destroys the starfighters. With TC acting as translator they convince the prelate to allow them to speak with t'laalak-s'lalak-t'th'ak.

Upon questioning him however he becomes scared and attempts to flee. Anakin and Obi-Wan chase him down and cause a disruption in the workshop.

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The prelate arrives and demands that they leave but allows them to ask their questions first. They learn that the chair had come to Charros IV from Escarte and thus continue on with their search. Republic Intelligence has used the mechno-chairs transceiver to finally crack the Separatist code and have learned that General Grievous is planning to attack Belderone next. They inform Mace Windu and Yoda who decide that they must try and stop the attack. Aboard the Invisible Hand Grievous reflects on his life as a Kaleesh warlord before his fatal crash and cyborg transformation.

He is alerted to a problem in the Belderone invasion and finds Republic forces ambushing his ships and evacuating the people of Belderone. Grievous realizes that the battle cannot be won and before retreating blasts the refugee ships, killing over ten thousand including twenty-seven Jedi. Mace and Yoda decide that no matter what Darth Sidious must be rooted out.

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Grievous meets with Gunray and chastises him for the loss of the mechno-chair. Mace and Yoda meet with Palpatine to discuss the events at Belderone as well as what they have uncovered from the mechno-chair. Palpatine tells them to do whatever they must to hunt Sidious down. Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive at Escarte and after being denied landing Anakin harasses the patrol ships until a tractor beam pulls them in. A captain of the base arrives and has them arrested but while leading them to their cell reveals himself as Travale , a Republic Intelligence agent.

The Jedi are placed in a cell with Thal K'sar the Bith who designed the hyperwave transceiver for the chair. Travales cover is blown however and he is thrown in the cell with them, though not before setting up a power failure. When they escape the cell Anakin and K'sar get to the ship, after battling a dwarf spider droid in the tunnels, and Obi-wan and Travale deactivate the tractor beam.

He tells him to eliminate Kenobi but to allow Anakin to live for he has other plans for him.

Star Wars Clone Wars Canon Edit-The Clone Wars Epilogue: The Labyrinth of Evil

Palpatine makes an address to the Senate about his plans for taking the war to the Outer Rim specifically the " Triad of Evil ". After searching, and sampling, several taverns they finally find Fa'ale Leh , now going by Genne. Now, Grievous reflects on his own string of losses. How does a Kaleesh warrior, feared and respected on his planet, lose so many battles? Thankfully, his chance to shine is almost upon him as the final movements of the War are set in place. Grievous reports the loss of the holoreceiver to Darth Sidious. The loss of the chair is too much for the Separatists, so they decide that it is time to put their final plan into action. The final plan? The Invasion of Coruscant! Mace Windu and Shaak Ti, along with Padawans and clone troopers, are hot on the tail of Darth Sidious when all hell breaks lose. The Separatists invade Coruscanti air space, laying fire to their space support and taking fire at the ground.

This is not the first attack on Coruscant, but it is the most shocking. Grievous tears down many Jedi as he moves through the city, including Shaak Ti. Grievous lays hands on the Chancellor, but the two greatest Jedi Knights race to the capital to stage a daring rescue…. While I am unfamiliar with the Battle of Jabiim, this novel convinced me that I need to check it out at some point. Movie Reviews: The Last Jedi. Beware the Power of the Dark Side! You must log in to post a comment.