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Morrolan and Aliera "preferred a good battle to a good meal.. From 4 philanderer, Vlad now has wife Cawti, in same house, estranged. Her need to support rebels is stronger than their "love". Whine: I still love you BUT. Not believable. Both help rescue other, but rift is permanent, for now. Meet again? Don't care. Dubbed Count Szurke, he leaves land to grandad, sets out with only dragonets to start fresh. Dec 29, Lynn rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , crime , action-adventure. This is my least favorite in the series thus far, although I can't quite put my finger on why.

Part of it is that so much time was spent away from the Empire, I think. Another part is that, unfortunately, a character whom I liked in earlier books became one I really can't stand. Also, a couple of minor characters whom I liked bought the farm, apparently permanently. That depressed me.

I will say that Vlad showed a lot of growth in his character. The last third or so of the book really picked up and caught my attention, in a good way. The ending has a lot of promise and makes me wonder what will happen with Vlad next. Overall, four stars. And I love what Noish-pa did for Vlad. The compilation: I'd say 4.

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Oh, and the cover is all wrong, although cool. View all 3 comments. Apr 22, Kathi rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. In this collection are the books Taltos and Phoenix and in their pages are the stories of Vlad's trip through the Paths of the Dead,mthe origins of his friendships with Morrolan, Aliera, and Sethra and the events leading to a great change in his life.

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The wry humor, the slightly sardonic tone--both fit the narrator's voice perfectly, yet we still feel his confusion and anguish, even his fear at times. Burst weaves tales that are compellin 9. Burst weaves tales that are compelling and many-layered. Can't wait to read more! Oct 23, Cale rated it really liked it. This was very close to a 5 star review. Taltos is an enjoyable prequel exploring Vlad and Morrelan and how they became companions, as well as Liara. It also explores a little bit of the gods of the world. It's enjoyable, but a little light. But Phoenix was amazing - picking up from where book 3 Teckla left off, Vlad is sent on an assassination by Verra, and the ramifications of his actions play out through the rest of the book, leading to war, rebellion, and the imprisonment of Cawti on multip This was very close to a 5 star review.

But Phoenix was amazing - picking up from where book 3 Teckla left off, Vlad is sent on an assassination by Verra, and the ramifications of his actions play out through the rest of the book, leading to war, rebellion, and the imprisonment of Cawti on multiple occasions. But even with all that happens and a lot happens , it's the relationships and the characters that are at the heart of it - seeing Vlad interact with Cawti, and Noish-Pa, and Morrelan and Kragar, and even fascinating new character Aibynn, is wonderful no matter what else is going on. Vlad isn't an omnipotent warrior or assassin - he makes mistakes, ends up depending on friends, and survives more by the skin of his teeth and the occasional divine intercession , but he makes plans and improvises, and those skills are what help him survive.

There are multiple twists and turns, and some of the funniest moments of the series so far in book five, even as it deals with serious subjects and complex characters. I finished the book and immediately wanted more, which is the best I can say for any series. Oct 08, Philip rated it it was amazing Shelves: entertainment.


Well, Brust convinced me. This is an awesome series and I order everyone to buy and read it. Fully deserving five out of five. A few things about the character are unnerving, but well, that's the character. Brust has proven that he can handle varying settings, plotlines and characters.

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I was a little upset with the general topic in this book, but all the more positively I'm surprised how it played all out in the end! He's done a brilliant job with a most challenging topic. I'm now officially a full Well, Brust convinced me. I'm now officially a full blooded Taltos Fan, and hereby announce I shall buy the whole series in print currently e-book reading once it's done, and then I'll read it again in chronologically correct order, story-wise.

However, once I'm done with Hugh Miller, I'll be reading some other fiction as well, so maybe then I can come up with more points of pro and con for the next review. Right now I'm fully absorbed with Brusts style, it all just seems natural and fitting - and that, I should say, is a big plus. Oct 05, Logan Harris rated it it was amazing. I purchased this on as I closed a month end with work. Headphones in, having my phone read it back to me. I was chuckling like a creep in my office, as Vlad's sarcasm spoke directly to my personality. It only took me two days to power through this book.

Apr 16, Paul Veldhouse rated it really liked it. I still love the world and the main character. Great characters and world.

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Not my favorite Vlad novel, but pivotal This is probably the pivotal novel in the series thus far. All the characters you've come to know and love are here, but Vlad's life gets completely jumbled and this marks the beginning of his downward spiral. It's all just a little painful to watch. Nov 14, Kathy rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction-fantasy , Loved the way each story is told with a different writing style.

Vlad is such a great character. May 21, Stuart Lutzenhiser rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. Two of the best Vlad novels. Both involving the gods and impossible missions. Apr 26, Phil rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy. This omnibus collects the fourth and fifth volumes in Steven Brust's Dragaera series, Taltos and Phoenix. I read the first three books collected as The Book of Jhereg about five years ago, and while I remembered a bit about the world Brust presents, those stories had completely faded from my memory.

I expect the same will happen with these two installments as well.

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The world of Dragaera is interesting and appealing, but other aspects of the books aren't quite as strong. Although published fourth, This omnibus collects the fourth and fifth volumes in Steven Brust's Dragaera series, Taltos and Phoenix. Although published fourth, Taltos is chronologically the first story in the series. It introduces Vlad Taltos, a human assassin operating in the Dragaeran Empire. In an interesting twist, the tall, magically-adept Dragaerans nicknamed "elfs" by the humans are the dominant species in Brust's world, with humans called "Easterners" by the Dragaerans generally relegated to the fringes of society.

This book covers Taltos' youth, with a parallel plot-line involving a quest into the Dragaeran land of the dead. The story provides a good deal of insight into the character of Taltos, as well as describing how he gained some of the powerful allies that feature so heavily in the other stories. The other book in the omnibus, Phoenix, was the more troubled of the pair. In this story, Taltos is called upon by a goddess to assassinate the king of a minor nation. Just why this is necessary is never satisfactorily revealed, although there's some hinting about portents, etc.

There's another thread dealing with the human liberation group Taltos's wife belongs to and it's struggle with the Dragaeran Empire, but this plot seemed fairly muddled as well. The ending was much better than the rest of the book, however; Taltos and the final pages of Phoenix are good enough to earn three stars, rather than the two I would've awarded otherwise.

I'm starting to thing Brust may not be the author for me. I find the world of Dragaera interesting and I'm fond of fantasy crime stories Lankhmar, etc. The Vlad Taltos character is well realized, but the unnecessarily numerous supporting characters basically seem to have one shtick. Whenever Sneaky Guy appears, he's being sneaky, that's it, there's no further development. Vlad Taltos's "voice" the books are written in first person also rubs me the wrong way. He relates the story in a very casual, modern tone. He talks like every Joss Whedon character, basically.

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  • It didn't surprise me at all to find out that Brust has written a full-length Firefly fan-fic novel. For some readers who may also be Whedon fans , this is probably not a drawback. However, I can only take Whedon in small doses, and when Brust speaking through the character of Vlad Taltos is describing life and death struggles and the fate of nations in a Whedonesque flippant, detached manner, I find I can't muster up much emotional involvement in the story.

    If the narrator isn't taking things seriously, why should I? I own one more Dragaera omnibus, collecting the next two volumes in the series. I'll read Athyra and Orca before deciding whether to keep going or to abandon the series entirely. Dec 24, Jen rated it liked it. Two books, two reviews.