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The office is strung with tinsel, alcohol is bought in bulk and the sparkly dresses come out for the work Christmas party. And this event can truly go either way. Get it right and you have a pleasant evening with colleagues. But get it wrong and you spend the next 12 months wondering if everyone is still judging you for that drunken conversation with your boss or that tuneless effort on the karaoke. So since this event is steeped in potential for faux-pas, we've asked our experts how to handle some of the most awkward situations you may encounter.

And that is essential in a state which for the last several years has led the country in both foreign-direct investment and per capita foreign-direct investment.

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Reuters November 16, By Pamela Eyring According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 86 percent of adult Americans said they planned to gather with family and friends during the holidays, and the same number say they planned to buy gifts for friends and family. That means that the typical American will soon face a lot of spiked eggnog, awkward party talk and last-minute gift certificate purchases within the next few weeks. However, just because the holidays come wrapped up with a fair amount of over indulging, familial stress and anxiety, there are many things you can do to keep things light and festive this season.

Read more. Answering a call on your cell phone while talking to someone. Refusing to slow down for another driver to change lanes. MarketWatch October 8, By Catey Hill 6 situations where it pays to give your sitter a little extra.

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A successful state visit takes great planning to ensure that cultural differences are understood and world leaders and their guests have the best experience during the visit. Reuters September 21, By Pamela Eyring Because of the higher level of visibility social media brings to our lives, it's important to apply the golden rules of etiquette, manners and respect to your online life just as you do in real life, helping ensure you build and maintain your personal and professional brand now and into the future. Finding the proper balance of personalities and positions can truly differentiate your company with a dream team of superior workers.

Whether you own or work for a private or publicly held company, one of the most important members on your team may be someone you never even considered -- a protocol officer. By remaining an active member of the team, you will ensure your reputation remains intact long after you clock out for the final time. Don't know how to handle it?

We discuss. Bad manners not only make for an unpleasant working environment, they can also spell disaster for an individual's career. Pamela Eyring, owner and president of the Protocol School of Washington, warns workers that if they're guilty of being bad mannered, it's vital that they step up and make some changes. But when it comes to swearing in the business environment, what is in poor taste and how does it affect your professional image? Here we offer a checklist of some things to consider ensuring your people are polished and that your brand shines brightly in every possible scenario.

Reuters June 21, By Pamela Eyring With so much time spent in cubicles and under the glare of fluorescent lights and constant deadlines , maintaining civility and respect is not only important for personal success but also for the psychological well-being of your entire office. Whether you are a recent hire or just need a refresher course on interoffice relationships, here are some practical reminders on maintaining professional decorum and respect in a shared workplace.

The Guide to Official Diplomatic Etiquette

CNN June 16, By Karin Caifa No two weddings are exactly alike, and not all couples will have the same strategy for social media on their big day. That can be confusing and even frustrating for couples and guests. Short fuses. The fiery. The impetuous.

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The easily excitable. How to handle the hot heads in your life with good will and grace. SharpHeels May 14, By Pamela Eyring The dining table, in a business situation, can be a couple of things: a proving ground where one strengthens relationships with colleagues through gracious interaction, and a stage where the savvy business person demonstrates confidence, sophistication, and good manners.

Or, it can be the site of a disaster. What do their cars say about them and the country they represent? Here we offer some practical tips for new graduates to help them enter the workfoce by being polished, professional and ready to outclass the competition Read more. Beyond mastering the art of small talk, the key to success at these events is knowing how to work a room.

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And being aware of the new rules is as important as ever. Department of Labor, more American workers are on the move than ever before. The Washington Post January 13, By Helena Andrews First there was the flip-flop flap, then the no-denim directive, and now the tie-less tiff? Dressing up or down at the White House can be a tongue-twisting affair. Just ask Tim Duncan. The presidential pat on the back is traditional, and everything was going by the book in the East Room — canned punchlines, Spurs memorabilia, trophy ogling — until it became clear that one of these things was not like the other.

But what about regifting? Is it OK to pass along a present to someone else that was given to you? Alcohol will be served at 72 percent of holiday parties and nearly a third of employees will behave badly. By taking a few precautions and exercising good judgment, you can confidently return to the office on Monday with your head held high and your reputation unscathed. MarketWatch November 29, By Quentin Fottrell If you are giving someone a gift card this holiday season, it might be worth nagging them to actually use it. Kids want you to open your wallet. On the bright side, introductions are not hard to master!

Equally important is the impression you leave upon parting. Here are my tips for successfully building your reputation and network at your next professional gathering: Read more. There's one complication. He won't be eating. Modi arrives Friday in the middle of a strict nine-day religious fast, raising a delicate question for the White House: How do you host a dinner for a foreign leader who is forgoing food? Such visits are meticulously choreographed, with months of planning and entire dossiers devoted to guests' dietary restrictions and religious beliefs.

An extended fast is an unusual challenge, said Walter Scheib, a former longtime White House executive chef, who said he couldn't recall a similar situation.

MarketWatch September 8, By Catey Hill Thanks to the fact that they light up, buzz, blink, click and more, smartwatches often annoy those not wearing them. MarketWatch August 28, By Quentin Fottrell Airlines get a bad rap from customers over delayed flights, high prices and baggage fees. The latest high-profile contretemps concerning warring passengers happened earlier this week when a United Airlines Boeing flying from Newark, N. Ottawa Business Journal August 27, By Tom Pechloff Algonquin College is partnering with an American education institute to create business protocol workshops the college says could eventually expand across the country and be incorporated into a full-year graduate certificate program[ It turns out, that reality is not as far-fetched an idea as you might think.

According to body language expert Janine Driver, president of the Body Language Institute, "Being able to perceive and correctly interpret micro-expressions is one of the best ways to boost your success, credibility, and confidence in the workplace. The trick is being able to spot micro-expressions and recognize them for what they are.

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According to a Society of Human Resources Management article, telecommuting rose 73 percent between and It's now estimated that 64 million U. While telecommuting provides a convenient way of conducting business, it's important to appreciate that the rules of proper business behavior don't disappear as your commute does. In fact, in some ways they become even more important as employers want to be assured that off-site employees are approaching their work with the same professionalism and presence as on-site employees.

Read More. In line with the DWE's strategic goal to promote leadership qualities amongst working women and include activities and training aimed at enhancing individual performance and career development of women. The PD sessions serve a critical pillar in empowering individuals by offering hands-on-training that helps them gain stronger insights.

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According to research by Albert Mehribian, professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, upon meeting someone for the first time we form an opinion of them within the first 30 seconds. While some of that opinion is based on what they say, the majority 55 percent is shaped by their appearance.

No doubt wardrobe plays an important role in appearance, but it's often personal grooming and hygiene that make the biggest impression. In the business world, the top personal grooming issues that garner attention and complaints are hair especially body hair , dental hygiene, scent, and hands and nails. Poor grooming detracts from what you have to say and can impede your ability to build relationships with others. Reuters March 21, By Pamela Eyring According to a recent survey of corporate executives, over 83 percent of small-to-mid-size business in the United States list overseas expansion as their top priority.

Ninety-five percent of those polled report plans to have at least two international clients in the next three years. The National March 16, By Lianne Gutcher You are hosting a formal event with royalty, ministers of state, ambassadors, chief executives and other VIPs attending along with the general public. So what are the correct rules for treating your guests? And who should be considered the most important? In this volume, Mel French offers the definitive guide to the do's and don'ts of protocol and thereby provides a service to students of American foreign policy and practitioners of global commerce alike.

Albright, former Secretary of State Ambassador Mel French is an accomplished professional who brought skill, elegance and etiquette to her work as White House chief of protocol. In this wonderful book, she shares her experience in a way that is as polished, personal, and entertaining as the countless high-level events she helped design for President Clinton and his administration.