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It was a good book to read. Extra Content. Read from the Book Chapter 1Being a psychic medium definitely has its downers. Yes, I went there. Many, if not most, of us had troubled childhoods that caused us to develop a sixth sense in order to cope. In many ways I lost both parents that day. It took years, but Daddy finally let go of the grip he had on his daily half gallon of vodka and sought help. During my teenage years we fought constantly.

And every visit back to Valdosta thereafter was torture for me—? The consequences, however, are that now the only acknowledgments I get from Daddy are a Christmas present picked out by his secretary and a birthday card also picked out by his secretary with a check inside probably forged by his secretary. After setting the other mail aside, I searched my desk for a pair of scissors. Doc climbed along the bars to exit the little door of his cage and make it up to the roof—?

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Doc speaks better English than most toddlers. Lifting the lid, I sucked in a breath when I took notice of an absolutely beautiful gold charm bracelet with three charms—? For a moment I just stared at the gift, completely taken by surprise. I realized I had my back to him, so I turned and lifted the beautiful bracelet up for him to see.

He cocked his head curiously.

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Doc blew me a really good raspberry. But I went back to staring at the charm with a mixture of bewilderment and delight, while Doc added to the raspberry a long litany of clucks, whistles, and happy chirps. The baby parrot was like a beacon of light in a world filled only with heartbreak. I spoke not one word for many months after her funeral. Doc changed all that. Like a phoenix he pulled me from the ashes, and slowly, with his help and love of mimicry, I healed and started talking again.

But the chatty, charming bird seemed to have no effect on Daddy. Previous gifts were simplistic items, like a pair of candlesticks, or a paperweight, or a picture frame. I opened it to read a lovely handwritten note in beautiful cursive, wishing me the happiest of birthdays and hoping to catch up soon. I moved to my desk and sat down, because I needed to sit down. Still, after taking off the bracelet to set it gently back inside the box, I did reach for the phone. Jeez, M. Daddy sent me a really nice gift. Gillespie was tied to all the gossip in our hometown. I hung up with Gilley but kept my arm over my eyes.

What if Daddy was sick?

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What if he was really sick? I knew that with my abilities I could probably find out the answer, but I was too chicken. Instead I turned my chair around, propped my feet up on the windowsill, and went back to laying my arm over my eyes. After working for much of the last year in the middle of the night, I find that I think better in the dark. Are you all right?

The day suddenly went from disconcerting to crazy weird. Turning slowly to the front, I took in the tall, dark, and incredibly handsome man standing in my doorway and had to work hard to appear calm and nonchalant. Also, the bastard had the gall to smell really good too. I felt my head bobbing. Oh, and I also held in the urge to run out of there as fast as my feet could carry me. His frame is also more proportional and corded with lean muscle. Happy birthday, honey! I came to take you to a birthday breakfast! The eleventh. Might want to mark that down on your calendar.

I waved at a chair and he came forward and took theseat directly across from me. Heath grabbed the other chair and brought it around the desk to park it right next to mine. Steven shifted in his seat, and I suddenly noticed how nervous he was.

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But I thought he looked a bit smugly at me. What the hell? Steven sighed and rubbed the stubble on his chin. No way was I getting involved in this. Is she a candy striper or something? No one in the room believed me. I wanted to choke him. Steven smiled tightly. Before exiting, he paused and turned back to look at me.

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Do you remember? I felt a mix of emotions, all of them small and petty. I did my best to hide them from Heath, but he was on to me. I forced a smile. I sat up in my chair. A run was exactly what I needed. I live in a city just outside of Boston called Arlington.

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  • I like it because it still has the feel of living in the city but carries a little more greenery. Gilley owns the condo one floor below mine, and often cooks me breakfast. Heath and I changed and hit the trail about a half mile from my home. My boyfriend is an incredible athlete. He can run for days and barely look winded.

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    As we were training for a half marathon in the next few weeks, I appreciated his presence. The run was just what I needed. I was able to sort out a lot of my feelings about Steven during the hour run, and put many of those feelings that were hurtful into perspective. I wondered if Steven had felt all of what I was going through when he learned that I was falling for Heath.

    Way to go! He showed me the watch. Heath was always there for me, in every way. He understood me like Steven never had, and he watched over me without hovering, or being needy. He was also a fellow medium, and that was a whole other side of me that needed no explanation for Heath. Heath chuckled and kissed the top of my head. Heath let go of me and took my hand. Don't make a character be from another country if you can't be bothered to find out about that language.